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Quotes on Mark's book on Romans:

Ken Embry suggested your book on Romans. I am now starting chapter 12, it has been wonderful. I always thought Romans was difficult but your book has really helped me to understand it better. 


-Linda, via Facebook Message

Today I finished a book that’s more than a devotional book.  It’s a study of Romans. It’s fantastic!!!  I purposely did this study very slowly because, well, Romans can be a bit scary.  I would do about one chapter a week and let it soak in. The funny thing is, this book is so good that I found myself saying “I can’t wait to do the next chapter."

I made tons of notes in my bible while doing this study.  I enjoyed this book so much!  Thank you, Mark Roberts, for your ability to make Romans understandable.  It’s about unity, y’all, and glorifying God together. 


-SF, via Facebook

Yesterday, I picked up Mark’s book on Romans and started to read it, intending to read about a chapter a day and get through it in a couple of weeks. Well, Mark wrote the book in a way that made it hard to put down. Imagine that… a religious book written on Romans that made you want to read just one more chapter before putting it down. It was almost like reading a good novel that you wanted to keep reading, only this was not a story or a piece of fiction.

-TE, via Facebook

The author does a superb job at taking a book that the world has managed to make difficult and presenting it in a way that is easy for the average person to understand as well as showing the how practical it is for us today. And as a coffee drinker, I appreciate the tips and antidotes about coffee he weaves through the book. The author has created a wonderful book that makes it seems he is sitting across the table with you, drinking a cup of coffee, while he and the reader study the amazing, comforting book of Romans. If you thought Romans was too difficult to understand, then you owe it to yourself to sit down with Romans for Everyone with a steaming hot cup of Joe in hand.

- T via Amazon

I just wanted to take a second and thank you for the book. First, the title struck me. Then, the series caught my eye and I was deeply intrigued. Then I read the read the intro, and was irreversibly hooked. This is so well done on so many levels. It’s fun, it’s an easy read, with deep thoughts, it’s informative without being overly intricate. And it’s got coffee. COFFEE. As someone in the Northwest, I have some deep coffee roots. I just can’t say enough good things about this book. I hope it really is a series, as I feel this is such a fresh approach to a bible commentary, study guide.

- SH via email

Quotes on Mark's book on Apocalyptic Literature:

I recently just finished going through your book Understanding Apocalyptic Literature: A Guide to the Book of Revelation in preparation to teach Revelation at our shepherds' request. I wanted to thank you for the work that I'm sure went into writing the book. I found it extremely helpful and it provided direction in approach. Your grounding the approach in Second Temple Apocalyptic literature and using the work of Collins' was communicated very clearly. I have to admit that before, in looking at the 'essential' commentaries that I've acquired in preparation (Beale, Mounce, Koester,etc.), I was very intimidated, but now I do feel more confident in understanding and communicating the book in a way that will be helpful to the believers here.

- ER via email

I just wanted to thank you for your good book on Apocalyptic Literature.  I finished it last week in a couple of sittings and really appreciated the material.  Your illustrations will be a help to me as I teach such literature in the future and you gave me a different perspective on a couple of points that have caused me to rethink a thing or two.  Most specifically, I appreciated your point about apocalyptic language not being some type of language used to "hide" from the government authorities, etc.  I've made that argument in the past and had some mental conflict about it.  Yet, you are right to note we cannot say, on the one hand, the Apocalypse was intended to "reveal" the truth and, on the other hand, to conceal it.  So, thank you for making that point.  I also appreciated your quotations from extra-biblical books.  Usually, I've only quoted from canonical apocalyptic literature and found the extra quotations helpful in formulating an interpretive lens through which to view apocalyptic literature. 

- JW via email

Quotes about Evelyn’s Lighthouse:

5.0 out of 5 stars. If you have young daughters who love reading and mysteries, then this book will be a winner! Our 8-year old daughter said “I really like the main character, Evelyn. She is brave. She likes to do things on her own. She likes to read books, just like me.” 

- KB via Amazon

Really enjoyed this book. Learned a lot about the life of the lighthouse keeper. Thought the mention of LLBean quite interesting! Reading this book really makes me want to visit lighthouses. 

- BT via Amazon

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