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Mark is the guy with a fountain pen in one hand, an iPad in the other, and a strong desire to see people understand the Bible better. He loves coffee, lighthouses, Tigger and chocolate, but not in that order. His heroes include Teddy Roosevelt and C.S. Lewis. If a movie is black-and-white he will watch it, and he is a huge Ohio State Buckeye fan.

"I'm Mark Roberts. Thanks for visiting my site to learn about my books and other projects!"

Mark has been preaching for the Westside church of Christ in Irving for more than 30 years. He loves Westside and its deep commitment to simple Christianity as described in the New Testament. Mark is a widely used speaker, who is known for a high energy and passionate presentation of the Gospel, for relentlessly encouraging daily Bible reading, and for believing a cup of coffee makes most nearly everything better.


Mark has been married to his beloved Dena for more than 39 years, and they have two daughters, and three grandchildren, Maddox, Zoe and Jane. Those three grandkids are more than the apple of his eye - they keep him acting like a big kid, while completely wearing him out! 

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