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Mark is always working on something - a better way to understand the Bible, a new book about the Bible, a sermon or podcast or a special daily Bible reading schedule.

Books Currently being Written:

The Sermon on the Mount for Everyone

Mark is working hard to bring clear exposition and practical admonition to Matthew 5-7 and the greatest sermon ever preached. Hopefully by the end of 2023 you’ll be reading this book!

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Wallace - Book 1 in the Secret of the Scotties series

A young man is nearly kidnaped while walking his dog in his quiet neighborhood. As his world unravels he finds out his dad isn’t who he thought he was, that an international terrorist is hatching a horrific plot that threatens the word, a top-secret super computer may be hidden in his house, and most surprising of all ... his Scottish Terrier can talk! This will be Mark’s first young adult novel and it promises plenty of action and mystery.

Make sure you subscribe to updates so you’ll be notified when this book is ready!

Resources for Daily Bible Reading:

There isn’t much more important in our walk with God than regularly reading the Bible. Mark has created a special Bible reading plan that can help you read God’s Word. Best of all, it’s FREE. Visit to download your copy, access resources to help you understand what you read, and even join a Patreon group to support daily Bible reading! 

Mark’s Bible reading podcast -

The Westside church of Christ always employs an annual reading plan as a congregation. Mark’s podcast, Monday Morning Coffee with Mark, takes a look back at Sunday’s sermon and then takes you through the daily Bible reading for each day of the week. Give it a listen!

Resources to Help More People Hear the Gospel:

Have Coffee with Jesus

Mark created this website to carry a sermon to non-Christians about the most mesmerizing and incredible Man of all time, Jesus Christ. What would it be like to have a cup of coffee with Jesus? Give it a listen!

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