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Author, preacher, podcaster, traveler,
virtuoso, driver of an amazing Jeep.

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Mark Roberts' Books

Apoc Literature by Mark Roberts

Understanding Apocalyptic Literature: A Guide to the Book of Revelation


Frightened by the last book of the Bible? It's not nearly as scary as it may seem once we understand the type of material the book of Revelation contains, and its purposes for the original readers. An easy read that will help you better understand and grasp Revelation's powerful message.

Romans for Everyone (Coffee and the Bible Series)


Romans is famed for being complicated and complex - a theological treatise the average person won't get and can't benefit from. This book opens Romans up, as if a small group of Christians were sitting in a coffee shop reading and talking over what Paul wrote to the church in Rome long ago. Join in the study as Mark guides you through this incredible book!

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Seeking God's Way.jpeg

Seeking God's Way


This workbook guides the student to an understanding of the authority of the Bible, what salvation means, and how to become a Christian. An excellent evangelism tool.

Who Will Follow Jesus


Once a person is baptized into Christ they need some help being grounded in the faith and learning the basics of Christianity. This seven lesson workbook will help that new Christian get started in the best way!

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Am I Ready? By Mark Roberts

Am I Ready?


Mark wrote this workbook to help the young person who grows up going to church and may express an interest in baptism at an early age. What should a parent do? Answer: have the child work through this workbook! This workbook is expressly designed to help parents (and the student) assess their readiness to become a Christian.

Letters to Young Preachers


Mark co-edited this book with Warren Berkley. It will help young men think about the responsibilities of preaching, what it means to preach and how to preach more effectively.

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Evelyn's Lighthouse.jpeg

Evelyn's Lighthouse


This book was authored with Mark's 11-year old niece, Patience Clevenger. It is a historically accurate novel that details life at the famed Split Rock Lighthouse in Minnesota in 1924. A great read for middle school and teen-age readers who want to learn about lighthouses, life in the 1920s and solve a mystery threatening the Split Rock Light station!

Today I finished a book that’s more than a devotional book.  It’s a study of Romans. It’s fantastic!!! I enjoyed this book so much!

- SF, via Facebook


The author does a superb job at taking a book that the world has managed to make difficult and presenting it in a way that is easy for the average person to understand as well as showing the how practical it is for us today.

- T via Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars. If you have young daughters who love reading and mysteries, then this book will be a winner!

- KB via Amazon

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